Monday, March 15, 2010


You appear in my fantasies. I will let you have sex with the girlfriend. Who will I be in the fantasies?

I am tired of you in my fantasies. You are the same actor as anyone.

I fantasize that your bodies adhere--about them adhering. I imagine you are talking about me in a strange and new way. I think you might no longer appear in my fantasies in the morning.

In the morning, my fantasy is new. It is no longer you who adheres to the body, but me. But I am adhering to my own body, or somebody whom I cannot imagine. Because I know what is actually happening in my life, and I introduced you in a manner of speaking.

Night, I look at pictures of you and investigate her email.

I imagine you have actually had a son or daughter together. I adopt the thing. It delights me for you both.

Will you please send her more emails?

Send pictures.

I am tired of living this way. I am tired of living with you. I hope you are fired from where you work. I am not sure we are necessarily thinking of the same person.

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