Monday, July 13, 2009

recent books

tonight i read "you are here" by donald breckenridge. i would recommend it to all of my friends. it is complex and challenging and engaging and quick and engrossing. you can borrow my copy.

yesterday i finished "memphis underground" by stewart home. i would recommend it to all of my friends, enemies, and frenemies. instead of describing the book, i will link to its amazon page:

recommend books to me, too. let me borrow them if you can.


  1. as she climbed across the table
    jonathan lethem

    orsinian tales ursula k leguin

    the thiefs journal
    jean genet

  2. Hey,

    I think you'd enjoy Mary Caponegro's latest All Fall Down. It's got sprawling sentences, fractured thoughts, lyrical meditations, and extended internal inquiries.

  3. hey john,

    that sounds fantastic. sucks how new books are so expensive, but i'll try to get a copy and read it and give you my thoughts 'ASAP.'