Sunday, August 2, 2009

'feelings' and i need to call my grandmother

yesterday was my birthday

i felt so sad on my birthday

there is so much you have to do if you are an aspiring writer

for instance

you have to read so many blogs

you have to lament that you can't comment on those blogs because you don't know the people who write those blogs and it would be creepy to them or they would ignore your comment

you have to lament that you can't think of a way to befriend exclusionary bloggers on the internet

because you are weird and every blog post you make seems a solecism of some sort

you have to really, at once, 'love literature' and 'love the internet'

and you end up spending so much time reading blogs and maintaining a blog and watching the internet happen that you grow more frustrated and anxious and nervous

because your writing has slowed considerably

because you are barely reading anything at all


after so much time spent in between the space of internet and the space of literature

you realize

that both are endless

i never get emails anymore


  1. i like you i am glad we are blogfriends i am violating my no-internet rule just to tell you that

  2. ps i am violating it again to tell you that my sister has a youtube account now too. she is a VLOGGER

    hdisfj aslk;dfjdfskjgh d;fkgdkls;f is mostly how i feel about that

  3. Alec, as a fellow blogger, I encourage you to comment on blogs. That's the deal..joining the conversation. People wouldn't post things unless they wanted response. Of course, they may not like what you have to say, but as a blogger, you want to know that people are out there reading your material and you're not just writing a personal diary for no one to see. Stop worrying about what people may "think" of you i.e. your creepy, etc...if they put it out there, its fair game and its meant for conversation. In blogging, people want to know they matter and they feel that when you respond to what they have to say.

    As far as your comments on so much to do as an aspiring writer....get in line my friend. Imagine having to run a legal practice, do marketing, read blogs, do your own blog, keep up to date on the law..oh yeah and in all that be part of a family and a "breadwinner".....its called life and if you want to do something and do it well, you have to put in the time to be successful. Through all of it, I know this is cliched, but remember to stop. look at all you have, all you've done and all you have to look forward to...smell the roses...appreciate what life has given you....don't get so caught up in the muck and mire.

    Don't get down. Be excited and thankful for all you have and have obtained in your very young years. For 19 years old, you have accomplished alot and are well on your way to achieving your goals....yes, there will be bumps, frustrations, pain, and plain old SHIT...but keep pushing. U have it my son in spades...just don't lose sight of that. That's my birthday present to you....well that and a summer in NYC...Love you