Sunday, August 16, 2009

that ain't no god it's just a hedge on fire

thoughts on the new why? album:

it's called "eskimo snow"

i think i would like why? more if there were no baroque pop arrangements

and if they returned to a more outsider electronica feel

of course that would require the firing of several band members

the new album is really good though

maybe the strongest lyrically

most concise

still i feel like the instrumentation doesn't work for them

because yoni's lyrics are so much about alienation and loneliness and stuff

and pianos and xylophones or whatever don't really signify alienation and loneliness etc. to me


why?: early whitney*

*this isn't my absolute favorite why? song, although it is in the top 5, but this 'video remix' is just about the best and most stirring thing i've seen

why?: gemini (birthday song)*

*this song is actually only five minutes, and it is probably one of my favorite songs

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