Monday, June 22, 2009

i am embarrassed, and distracted by the internet

i am embarrassed.

my day was three hours long.

i want to submit a story to NOON. i don't know where i could print out the story so i can send it. everyone should read NOON if they don't already. except i only have one issue. 

i probably won't submit a story to NOON. it's pointless because they get submissions from very high-profile and well-established authors--at least from among the magazine community. my story is pretty bad. why would they want it when they can have stories from famous people.

literary journal sounds like a better thing than literary magazine. "i am an intern at a literary journal for the summer," i will tell you.

"are you masturbating?"


"you should put that in the fridge."

i am distracted by the internet. i think that is the case with everyone. because of the internet i am not doing anything that could be considered real. like reading or writing or being with people who are not the internet. 

i have more emails to check. 

i have no new emails.

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