Wednesday, August 12, 2009

excerpts from a collaborative short story by crystal miller & me

alec: next time i will hold you so tightly your kidney stone will fall out
we will both be drunk then or just me
i will fold you and lower you like we are fishing
on your back, in a sit-up position
i will kiss your forehead and do a push-up and
doing it
i will brake at your face and feel no pain at all

crystal: please just lets have one there outside now.
its blue not gray use your eyes. look with your eyes. with what?
and cravings and the grand slam at dennys and syrup and honey and toast with jam. yes we can.
only thing is you said do they quit serving breakfast at ten
at mcdonalds i quip i added that quip at the end but i said. really though, i said, the difference is attitude.

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  1. if i was a blog critic or a critic of any sort i would be privileged to say: i do not like this one bit.

    im not though and its my turn again.